Law Office Profile in English


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Information Technology (IT) based societies favour knowledge. Our IT lawyers are members of the Athens Law Bar and have expertise knowledge on technology related legal disputes.

Our office composes of practitioners which have extensive legal background on drafting IT contracts and provide legal advice to a wide range of IT clients.

Our philosophy is to provide business and consumers with the means to solve their legal and business handicaps without the need for litigation. Thus we save our clients valuable time and means to continue their business uninterrupted.

This is mainly based on a pro-active system of dealing with businesses needs. We provide legal management of a business/ company on an annual base which is cost effective and tends to solve legal problems at their birth.

Our office offers a wide range of services orientated mainly towards commercial- IT clients that operate on-line (e-commerce) and internationally (World Wide Web).

For more information call us directly and ask for one of our English speaking lawyers.